Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Angry Birds...They're Real and On My Deck

I live in Vancouver, Canada, where rain is no stranger to anyone who lives here.  It’s been raining most of the day today, as it has been since I returned from sunny Ontario a few weeks ago.  I have been home sick the last two days and it’s interesting what you can discover about your home when you’re not supposed to be home. 
My outside deck has both a covered part and a open part--its dual functionality affords me the ability to sit out on my deck in the rain while still keeping dry--it’s almost like an outdoor room, if you will.  After spending the day sleeping, sipping lots of hot drinks, and playing a little Angry Birds on the iPad, I decided to bundle up and sit outside for a bit to get some fresh air.
I quickly realized that my bird feeder (we’re not supposed to feed the birds where I live, but I do anyway) was out in the rain and the ten dollars I spent on whole shelled sunflower seeds would turn to a moldy mush if I didn’t rescue the feeder out of the rain.

So, I moved the bird feeder onto the covered part of my deck and then I nestled into a warm blanket and a book on my settee, with my cat Dexter close at hand.  No sooner did I open my book when about three birds flew in to find out where the bird feeder had gone.  

They started squawking at me immediately, which only seemed to bring more birds to my deck.  Now, across from me on the rail, were about seven or eight birds, and they were angry!   It was a little surreal given I had just played a round of Angry Birds earlier, and here they were in reality, on my deck, and angry at me!  Dexter just looked at me, his eyes wide with horror--I'm sure he thought they were seeking revenge on him for all the stalking over the years.  But no, they wanted me--I was the cruel human who took away their food source and placed it out of their reach. 
Naturally, as if they could understand me, I began talking to them, logically explaining why the feeder was taken down.  It didn’t seem to matter, in fact, talking to them only seemed to anger them more, if that was possible.  Sooner or later, the little group of hoodlums did disband, and I was free to enjoy the supposed serenity on MY deck.  
It made me wonder if one of the designers of Angry Birds, even before the cute little pictures of wingless and footless birds came into play, had an episode with actual angry birds, like I did.  And who knows...even though the swine flu is not a current threat on my balcony and nor have I taken any of the birds’ eggs, maybe the next round of the game will include rather obnoxious and slightly stupid black cats and nasty bird-feeder snatchers as villains? 

NOTE:  I was hoping to capture the moment on film; however, when the camera came out, they all flew away--cowards!


  1. I so look forward to your life tales...thank you once again for my smile today!

  2. So glad you are enjoying the reading Fran...and not sure if it's a good thing that my life is so entertaining. Ah, who am I kidding--I love it!