Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ode to Dexter the Cat

It was 12 years ago when we first met on that Halloween day,
Who knew that a big ball of fur like you could steal my heart away.

There were many black cats at the shelter where I went,
Just one look from you and I knew my time was well spent.

They said you were chatty but not a noise did I hear,
So I bought you on MasterCard without any fear.

But in the car you started meowing and wouldn’t shut up,
You were chatty like me, just my luck.

From the start, you showed me how special you were as much as you could,
Especially on that day when you thought the deck railing you jumped on was wood.

Four stories you fell and survived to tell the tale,
The scratch marks are still there and the legend of 9 lives will prevail.

When Bodie the dog came home with us to stay,
You made it very clear you hated him by hiding away.

Quickly you became friends but when left alone together trouble was abound,
And when he got sick, you slept on his bed with him without making a sound.

A hunting instinct I did always for you wish,
The birds loved to tease you and and so did the fish.

But you were happy to let your rag-doll abilities of hiding things kick in,
So someday when I move and find everything you took, I just may grin.

Your love for food was evident, for an empty dish you did dread,
Always running to the kitchen when the word “treats” was said.

Making sure you were fed was never left to chance,
And as such, my party guests were always warned in advance.

You would hop on the table in a single bound,
Only to hear someone shouting “Dexter! Get down!”

And when you decided to eat bugs from the outdoors,
You always chose the carpet to be sick on versus the floor.

Your character and presence was something else indeed,
Preparing to move your bowels by racing around the house with such speed.

I love how you always had such a relaxed and easy slumbering day,
But made sure to run over my face when I was sleeping, because hey, that was just your way.

Often I thought you were trying to kill me in my sleep,
For several nights I woke up with you lurking over me like a creep.

Everyone laughed when I got rid of your litter box--I said just you wait and see,
And sure enough, after a few months of training, you used the toilet like me.

My family and friends have fond memories of you too,
For often you head-butted the ones that mattered to you.

You’ve danced to Thriller and scarfed chips during scary movie night,
You’ve peed on someone’s coat and once opened a door to give everyone a fright.

Your silky fine fur was abundant thanks to your mixed breed,
But it soon became the bane of my existence for there was fur where fur shouldn’t be.

All over my home, in the food, and on vacation,
How many times did I say “Oh my god, this is Dexter’s hair” with exclamation!

Over the years you gave me cuddles, hugs and plenty of drool,
I felt so lucky to have such a beautiful cat who was just plain cool.

But then the time came where I could see you were getting sick,
And I did everything I could to save you but nothing did the trick.

After you passed and I made your arrangements to get you back in my home,
I was asked if I wanted a keepsake of your fur, and laughed--little did they know.

I had to say goodbye to you and it hurt right down to the core,
You will be missed my sweet cat, but in pain you are no more.

Unconditional love is what you gave me and I loved you right to the end,
My memories of you will always stay with me, for you were my best friend.

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